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Ziamatic Zico

ARC Group Asia is an authorized distributor of
Ziamatic Zico products and services.


At ARC, we provide Safety, Security and Sustainability Solutions and Services to various clienteles from MNCs, SMEs, Businesses, Governments, Charities and various NGOs across the region including Singapore and Malaysia.

We believe in ARC = Always Ready for Crisis

About Ziamatic Zico

Ziamatic designs and manufactures EMS / Ambulance and Fire Equipment. Over the last 50 years Zico has designed and developed new and innovative products to meet the ever-evolving needs of the EMS & fire service. 

ARC Group Asia distributes Ziamatic Zico Products and Solutions such as:

  • Ziamatic Zico SCBA Brackets

  • Ziamatic Zico Vehicle Ladders & Steps

  • Ziamatic Zico Vehicle Lightings

  • Ziamatic Zico Hose Bridges & Guards

  • Ziamatic Zico Tools & Accessories

  • Many Others / Etc

Speak and Collaborate success with us today!

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