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ARC Group Asia is an authorized distributor of
AGILITE Gear products a
nd services.


At ARC, we provide Safety, Security and Sustainability Solutions and Services to various clienteles from MNCs, SMEs, Businesses, Governments, Charities and various NGOs across the region including Singapore and Malaysia.

We believe in ARC = Always Ready for Crisis

About AGILITE Gear

Agilite is Israel's number one tactical gear brand. Agilite's creative equipment is supplied to Special Forces Units in Israel, US and around the world.

ARC Group Asia distributes AGILITE Gear
Products and Solutions such as

  • AGILITE Tactical Gloves

  • AGILITE Plate Carriers & Vests

  • AGILITE BuddyStrap

  • AGILITE Helmet Covers & Systems

  • AGILITE Tactical Packs

  • AGILITE Armor

  • Many Others / Etc

Speak and Collaborate success with us today!

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