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ARC Group Asia is an authorized distributor of
OCEAN AERO products and services.


At ARC, we provide Safety, Security and Sustainability Solutions and Services to various clienteles from MNCs, SMEs, Businesses, Governments, Charities and various NGOs across the region including Singapore and Malaysia.

We believe in ARC = Always Ready for Crisis


OCEAN AERO designs and manufactures the world’s first and only environmentally powered Autonomous Underwater and Surface Vehicle (AUSV), the TRITON, that collects data both above and below the ocean’s surface and relays it to you from anywhere, at anytime. OCEAN AERO design, build, and operate the TRITON and its communication platform, offering both ready-to-deploy packages and custom payloads for an array of applications. 

ARC Group Asia distributes OCEAN AERO 
Products and Solutions such as:

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Military Systems

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Monitoring Systems

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Surveillance Systems

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Control Systems

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Research Systems

  • OCEAN AERO Trinton Custom Systems

Speak and Collaborate success with us today!

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