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ARC General Absorbent Pads

Capacity: 67 Litre / 100 piece

Weight: 4.1 kg

Dimensions: 40 x 50cm

•Standard color: grey

•Absorb oil, refrigerant, water any liquid Gasoline*hydraulic oil, Vegetable oil*ant freezing solution, Acetone*xylene...etc.

•After special process, it will absorb any liquid burning after using,ash≤0.02% •Pad, roll, sock, pillow, boom, pulp

•Characteristic—perforated &dimpled/perforated &dimpled &laminated with spunbond fabric,

wearproof and coriaceous. With perforation(tearing line),easily to choose suitable size

•Suitable condition——workshop, chemical plant, laboratory.. etc. any liquid spill areas, and scrub any fluid

ARC General Absorbent Pads

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