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Your privacy is important to us. We recognize your concerns about the security of your information and have adopted the necessary precautions to accommodate your concerns and protect you. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of how ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD. manages personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 ("the Act"). We recommend you to read this Privacy Policy as it outlines our views and practices and shows how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide us. By submitting your personal data to us or signing up any services or solutions from us, you will be treated as you agree and consent to ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD., its related corporations and affiliates, (collectively referred to herein as "ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD", "AGA", "us", "we" or "our"), as well as our respective representatives collecting, using, disclosing and sharing amongst themselves your Personal Data, and disclosing such Personal Data to ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD.’s authorised service providers and relevant third parties in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy. ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD. (and / or the Arc Group] will only retain the personal data you have submitted and/or provided for as long as is necessary to attain the objectives and/or intentions outlined in this Privacy Policy and in line with its data retention guidelines. For clarification, this Privacy Policy forms a part of the Website Terms and Conditions . In the event of any conflict, inconsistency or conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Website Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy shall prevail. All stated terms contained in the Website Terms and Conditions shall apply to this Privacy Policy unless otherwise specifically stated.



In relations to "Personal Data" in this Privacy Policy, it refers to any data or information about and/or from you which can be associate either (i) personal data; or (ii) personal data and other information to which we have or are likely to have access. Examples of such Personal Data which you may furnish to us depending on the nature of your communication with us:- your Name, NRIC, Passport or other Identification number, mobile and/or telephone number(s), mailing and/or residential and/or business operating address, business related information, email address and any other information relating to you which you have provided and submitted to us in any forms of interactions.



Generally, the purpose of ARC GRP ASIA PTE. LTD. website is an introduction platform to inform you who we are, what we do and what services or solutions we provide. We collect use your Personal Data and information to better facilitate and provide you with your request on information, services and/or solutions and enquiries. Should you have provided or sent any personal information or data through any form of electronic communication, the following are the purposes we collect your information that may include:

- Respond to all your requests or queries.

- Fulfilling your requests on our available services at any given point of time.

- Follow up on any service, products or solutions that you may interested in.

- Handling disputes or complaints.

- Process orders or applications submitted by you.

- Customize solutions to your needs.

- Resolving problems and/or any other Technical issues that you may encounter.

- Research and statistical analysis to improve on our services and products.



Any personal information (including job history. education background, income details and any other required information) in relations to Job Applications or employment submitted to us through our Website will be used to assess your qualification and suitability for any available job roles available with Arc Group Asia and, if applicable, your terms or engagement. Your personal details submitted to us may be disclosed to third parties (including current and/or previous employers, education institutions and any required government or reference agencies for cross reference background checks and verification. You may contact us to find out which agencies we used or approached. Unsuccessful applications may be retained for up to 6 months to match your skills and qualifications to future job

opportunities. You may highlight to us if you do not wish to have your information retained for this purpose.



Cookies are small piece of data that your browser stored in your computer or device from navigating any website and/or online advertisement and/or links/tabs. It works like a memory or to record an individual/user browsing activities which creates a more user friendly service or function. Cookies are used to learn and collect information on how you use our website and interact with our contents so to help us improve on the interface and overall browsing/navigating experience. Different types of cookies are used tor the following purposes:-

(a)Session cookies

Cookies that are used to store short term or session information. It keep tracks of the activities of users visiting and navigating the website so they do not have to repeatedly furnish the same information that they have already provided. These cookie information will be deleted once you close the browser.

(b) Persistent Cookie

Also known as the permanent cookie, or a cookie that is stored on your hard drive even you have close the browser. These cookies are usually set with expiration dates or until the user deletes the cookie.

(C) Analytical cookies

Are used by tracking user visits to our Website and how they interact with the contents as so to improve on overall user browsing experience. It collects information such as number of site visitors, the duration navigating and using it so we can analyse the relevant statistics for future integration or improvement to enhance our Website.

(d) Functionality cookies

Cookies that used to identify you when you return to our Website which will memorise or store the options or information you keyed in (such as your user name, personal data. language, region etc) so that you do not have to re-enter the same information required when you return to the Website.

(e) Targeting cookies

Record your visit to our Website and behaviour to online advertisements, keep track of the pages you have visited and the Website links you have explored. These data are useful to enhance our website to be more appealing in terms of your interests based on your past browsing experience, customize online advertisements,promotions,marketing offers on our or third party Websites which you might be more interested in and at the same time to validate the effectiveness of our marketing and advertising strategies.

The above cookies may be deployed on your Electronic Devices by us or third parties advertising or any other service providers (eg. Google) on our behalf. Please be aware the most of your web browsers are set up in default to accept cookies. You can customise your web browser settings to block or disable the cookies function but it may affect the performance on certain features or functions on our

Website.You may also do the same to third parties cookies, (eg. Google) by going to Google's Ad settings to make adjustments.



We may have links to other websites or likewise you are brought or referred to our website through a link from a third party website. As you need to reckon that we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and guidelines of other third party websites. It is subjected to their Terms and Conditions, guidelines, practices and privacy policies in placed associated to the use on their website. We suggest that you check and read the policy of each website you visit to better understand your rights and obligations before submitting or transmitting any type of data and/or information to/on those websites. Should you have any doubts or concerns, please contact the owner and/or administrator and/or operator of the individual website.


We may need to disclose your information to more than one company within the Arc Group of Companies, our agents and any third party service providers or vendors should there be necessary to fulfil your needs, requirements and objectives. When this happens, we will require the other parties to apply the same standards of care.precautions and instructions we hereby set. II it happens that the other parties are overseas, your Information may be sent to another country including countries with weaker governed privacy and data protection regulations than your country of residence.We will not otherwise disclose your Information to third parties unless we have your permission or we are under a legal or similar obligation.



You shall provide, or you acknowledge that you have provided, true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself in the Customer Registration form ("User Data") and to maintain and update this information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, ARC GROUP ASIA has the right to terminate this Agreement and refuse to provide any and all current or future ARC GROUP ASIA Services to you.



Information transmitting and receiving over the internet is not a secure form of communication as it involved risks of security breaches such as unauthorized third parties access. Data passing through the internet may be transmitted out of the intended region of the recipients via weaker governed privacy and data protection regulations than your country of residence. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality, secrecy, security and integrity of any User ID, login password and information and/or data in relation with its transmission over the internet. We will hold no responsibility for any breaches in security, confidentiality and integrity issues in connections with your intended transmission of data or information over the internet. We will reserve the right to monitor all communications and information exchange via the internet through any form of online communication and/or media platforms in and out of our domains in order to maintain the security of our systems, protect our employees and/or agents, record transactions and in cases such as to prevent and detect criminal and/or unauthorised activities.



As we may make changes or update our Website Privacy Policy from time to time, please check our privacy policy on a regular basis for the latest version. We will strive and do our best to inform you of any significant or necessary changes should we make any substantial

amendments or add ans to this privacy policy.



We aim to keep our information about you as accurate as possible. If you would like to update or make any changes on the details you have supplied us with, please contact us as set out below on “How you can contact us”.


If you would like to contact Arc Group Asia about our Privacy Policy, you can do so by emailing