ARC PPE CarbonCool Vest

Product Description:

ARC PPE CarbonCool vest (Carbon Cool)

Consists of lightweight version of the Comfort SuitTM V, the CarbonCool Vest is ideal for individuals wearing personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls. It’s designed to provide sustained microclimate cooling around the upper torso area.

ARC PPE CarbonCool vest ensure CarbonCool MPad is made from a flexible yet durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that encases HypoCarbon®, a patented material that becomes a viscous liquid when melted. It is capable of delivering outstanding heat exchange rates at 35 W/mK. The cooling medium is non-toxic and does not constitute any safety hazard or danger to the environment, users, or patients. Unused and expired MPads require no special disposal. It is CT-, MRI-, angiogram- and X-ray-safe.

The CarbonCool XTend is filled with a specially calibrated, non-toxic phase-change material (PCM) encapsulated in a multilayer nylon film with PET laminate and becomes liquid when melted. Like the MPad, the contents of the CarbonCool XTend doesn’t constitute any safety hazard or danger to the environment, user, or patient if released due to physical damage to the outer material. It is easily cleaned with water.

Suitable for workplaces with high risk of injuries and PPE / CERT Requirement. Typical workplaces are Building-, Paper-, Metal-, Chemical and Horeca industries.

Product Features:

ARC PPE CarbonCool Vest (Carbon Cool)

  • Durable and Elastic

  • Comfortable and Unisex

  • Easy adjust for a secure and comfortable fit

  • Features a fully portable and reusable design made from medical grade neoprene with non-detachable nylon pad holders

  • Has a heat absorption potential that is 15 times higher than ice and 58 times more conductive than water, with a heat exchange efficiency of 35 W/mK

  • Employs the use of MPad and CarbonCool XTend to provide optimum cooling performance

Product Specifications:

ARC CarbonCool Vest
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