ARC First Aid Kit Compact

Product Description:

ARC First Aid Kit Compact

Suitable for minor wounds, cuts and grazes as the ARC First Aid Kit Compact is is designed for general use and kept neatly in a box for easy reach.

ARC First Aid Kits are one of the most popular first aid kits used in workplaces. The kit contents continues to be the benchmark used by employers when selecting a first aid kit for their workplace.

Product Features:

ARC First Aid Compact

No. Contents:

  • First Aid At Work 1pce

  • Axe Brand Universal Oil (3ml) 1pce

  • Antiseptic Cream 1pce

  • Europlast 5pce KO

  • Sterile Cleansing Wipe 1pce

  • Absorbent Gauze 1pce

  • Hypoallergenic Tape 1pce

  • Cotton Bud 10pce

  • Safety Pin 6pce

Product Specifications:

ARC MOM Guide - Workplace Safety and Health First Aid Regulations PDF
Download PDF • 229KB

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