ARC First Aid Eyewash Station Double

Product Description:

ARC First Aid Eyewash Station Double

Molded of strong high-impact plastic, the Eye Wash Station is readily identifiable and convenient to use, hence allowing the injured person to receive immediate and effective eye irrigation. This brightly coloured easy-to-locate Eye Wash Station comes complete with two eye wash empty bottles, dust cover, mirror, and instructions for use and service. The brackets hold the bottles securely in place, yet bottles are easily released when pulled out.

The bottle is designed with a fluid delivery system featuring a built-in eye cup that allows the injured person to be treated in any position, whether standing, sitting, or lying down.

Each station comes with two reusable empty plastic 1000ml bottles.

Approximate Size: 18" x 14"

Product Features:

First Aid Eyewash Station Double

No. Contents in the box:

  • Eyewash Station Mount

  • Eyewash Bottle 1 btl

Product Specifications:

ARC MOM Guide - Workplace Safety and Health First Aid Regulations PDF
Download PDF • 229KB

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