ARC Fire Extinguisher CO2

Product Description:

ARC Fire Extinguisher CO2

Available in various sizes: 2kg and 5kg. ARC range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher is manufactured in conformity to BS EN 3 Parts 7 to 9 and SS EN3 : Parts 7 – 9 : 2012. It is suitable to be used for fighting Class “B” (flammable liquid) and Class “C” (flammable gas) and electrical energise fires.

The carbon dioxide gas extinguishes the fire by directing the jet of CO2 gas to the base of the fire, thus covering the air around the fire and reduce the oxygen level at the fire point. This will prevent the fire from spreading further and re-igniting again.

CO2 fire extinguishers are extensively used in food industry, electronic factories, ships, electrical plants or rooms, offices, etc., It is a clean extinguishant agent and do not leave any residue after it has been discharged.

The fire extinguishers are suitable for use in factories, ware-houses, commercial building offices, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, ships, small boats, vehicles, residential homes, etc.,

Product Features:

ARC Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder AB:

  • Full drawn cylinders.

  • Designed to extinguish class B/C fire, flammable liquid, electrical fires

  • Working temp. range: -20 deg to +60 deg

  • Working pressure: 56 bar

  • Approx. discharge range: 3m

Product Specifications:

ARC SCDF - Code of Practice for Fire Precautions PDF
Download PDF • 10.19MB

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