ARC CERT Fire Retardant Coverall

Product Description:

ARC CERT Fire Retardant Coverall

Consists of Pyrovatex treated fabric which offer very good protection against heat & flame. This fabric is durable to multiply washes and certified as per ISO11612 from BTTG (UK), STFI (Germany). Pyrovatex treated fabric also come in combination with anti-static grids, hi-visibility colours and OWR finishes. Chemical relellent finish option is also available in combination with FR for protection against select hazardous chemicals. With the cotton textile quality, we ensure the final products is soft touch with rich feel.

Suitable for workplaces with high risk of injuries and CERT Requirement. Typical workplaces are Building-, Paper-, Metal-, Chemical and Horeca industries.

ARC CERT Fire Retardant Coverall Size Chart:

Product Features:

ARC CERT Fire Retardant Coverall

  • Available in Various Sizes

  • Durable and Fire Retardant

  • Comfortable and Unisex

  • Conveniently pockets for storage of PPE Gloves and etc

Product Specifications:

ARC SCDF - National Cert Standard PDF
Download PDF • 142KB

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