ARC Burns Aid Kit Box B

Product Description:

ARC Burns Aid Kit Box B

Suitable for workplaces with high risk of burns, that handles open fire, flames, hot surfaces, steam, hot fluids and ovens. Typical workplaces are Building-, Paper-, Metal-, Chemical and Horeca industries.

ARC Burns Aid Kit is also ideal for use in manufacturing areas, ambulances, ships, industrial kitchens and service vehicles. This kit is also suited for heavy industries like oil refineries, shipyards and metalworks where using fire or high temperature heating source may cause burns.

Burns Aid Kit includes Burnshield Gel products that provides cooling and pain relief for first and second-degree burns. The packed Burnshield gel consists mainly of water (96%), Tea Tree Oil, gelling agents. Cooling the burn results in reduced skin damage and faster healing time. Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial properties aid to reduce and prevent wound infection.

Contents of this kit:

- provide immediate pain relief by covering exposed nerve endings

- rapidly cool and soothe the burn

- draw the heat out and stop the burn progression

- reduce swelling, redness, and additional skin and tissue damage

- is formulated using medical grade ingredients

- is safe and easy to use

Product Features:

Burns Aid Kit Box B

No. Contents in the box:

  • Nitrile Gloves 1PAIR

  • Conforming Bandage 7.5cm 1ROLL

  • Conforming Bandage 10cm 1ROLL

  • Shear Scissors1 PCE

  • Basic Advice on First Aid 1PCE

  • Sterile Burn Blott Single Sachet 3.5ml Burnshield8SAC

  • Hydrogel Spray Bottle 75ml Multiple Use Burnshield 1BOT

  • Sterile Burn Dressing 100mm x 100mm Burnshield 1PCE

  • Sterile Burn Dressing (Digit Dressing) 25mm x 500mm Burnshield 1PCE

  • Sterile Burn Dressing (Limb/Neck Dressing) 50mm x 1000mm Burnshield 1PCE

Product Specifications:

ARC MOM Guide - Workplace Safety and Health First Aid Regulations PDF
Download PDF • 229KB

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